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Dear Jennifer Ford & the other inbred morons from the Casey Anthony jury.

You people are fucking idiots. 

You let a child killing, sociopathic slut go because the child killer’s parents own a pool. That’s it. That’s your sole reason for letting that child killing whore go. “Oh, maybe Caylee drowned.” 


When a child dies accidentally their body does not show up a month later with DUCK TAPE ON THEIR MOUTH AND NOSE AND A HEART SHAPED STICKER ON THAT DUCK TAPE! 

When a child dies accidentally their mother does not drive around with that child’s body in the trunk of their car for days.

When a child dies accidentally the mother does not go out to bars, partying, having a good time, spreading her legs for a multitude of men, and paticipate in wet t-shirt contests. 

When a child dies accidentally the mother does not make up a lie about a babysitter kidnapping the child. 

You don’t have to be a shrink to see that Casey Anthony is a classic sociopath. She cares for no one but herself. She thinks the world revolves around her. She MURDERED HER INNOCENT DAUGHTER SO SHE COULD BE FREE TO DRINK AND PARTY!

These WERE proven by the prosecution. You morons are proof that our system is broken! You believed the lies about “Poor molested Casey.” I’ve known women who were brutally raped by their fathers and they did not grow up to be child killing sluts. They used their God given free will to choose the right path in life. Even if Casey’s lies about her father were true, she and she alone is responsible for what she did to Caylee.

Pull your heads out of your inbred asses, stop playing the theme from Deliverance, and realize you all made a huge mistake. You don’t deserve a good night’s sleep. You deserve to be haunted by the ghost of Caylee every night until you all go insane. 

Casey Anthony is a cold blooded, child murdering whore. Period. This is a proven fact. She researched how to break a neck and make coliform. She PLANNED this. It was a cold blooded premeditated murder. And you let this killer go because “Oh, well, maybe Caylee fell in the pool.”

And then what? Maybe Caylee, after drowning, managed to wrap herself up in duck tape. (Or as I prefer to call it, duct tape - but every time I do someone corrects me and sends me nasty e-mails saying “It’s DUCK TAPE!” Seriously. So for now I’ll appease them. But it’s really duct tape because it’s for taping ducts.) Then zombie Caylee put a sticker on her own taped up mouth and crawled to that field?

Her mother killed her. You know she did. You’re just too stupid to give the murdering tart the death penalty she so richly deserves. Then you go on tv and say something as moronic as that maybe Caylee died accidentally in the swimming pool?

You and your fellow inbred jurors must find life hard knowing your family tree doesn’t branch. 

I just pray that before Casey goes and gets pregnant with her next murder victim she gets drunk and dives head first into a gator infested swamp. 

  1. kimblyrose said: People complaining about Casey are ridiculous. Nobody was there, nobody knows the truth. Maybe she was afraid, maybe she’s lying. So, unless you are Casey Anthony or Caylee, give it up. Things happen, fair trial or not, it’s nobody’s business.
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