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In which Jami makes a rambling post about The Munsters.


I’ve often heard people ask “If Lily’s a vampire and Herman’s a Frankenstein how come Eddie’s a werewolf?”

Well, first off, Herman’s not a Frankenstein. He’s a lab created monster. Frankenstein was the name of the creator, not the creation.

Second, in one episode where Lily’s brother came to visit, it was revealed he was also a werewolf. Which means that werewolves are part of Lily’s family tree. (With Herman being made of the parts of dead men no one knows what all resides in his DNA.)

We can likely safely assume that Lily and her brother’s mother was a werewolf. Now if we go by the original mythology where werewolves are not immortal, but age and die same as humans, and on top of that, provided they die of natural causes such as old age and/or disease, they come back as vampires, we can likely conclude Eddie’s furry grandmother died at the hands of a werewolf hunter. Since she was obviously dead by the time the show started. 

Either that or she did come back as a vampire, but was then staked by a vampire hunter or rioting villager. 

This also means that unlike Lily who is immortal, and possibly Herman as well, Eddie will eventually grow old and die. His own parents will outlive his current mortal werewolf form. However, he will come back as a vampire. So it’s not all sorrow in the loving parent’s future. 

Now that the “mystery” of Eddie being a werewolf is solved - though the show solved it years ago by the revelation of the werewolf uncle - I do have a mystery for all of you. 

If Marilyn is held back from a good marriage because she looks like a normal human and shows no magical heritage as well (since it’s obvious that magic does run in the family as shown by Grandpa’s magical use) - why the heck didn’t they just have Grandpa or Eddie bite her and turn her into a vampire or werewolf as well? Wouldn’t that have solved the whole “poor Marilyn” problem?

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